Project Management Course

Project Management Course

Project Management Course

Professional project management course can ensure that organisations achieve the benefits of a well-managed,  project-based approach to businessProject Management Course.

A few of these benefits and advantages include:

  • Ensures that the company progress smoothly through all crucial project stages, from the idea phase through to the completion phase.This ensures that the project is properly reviewed by key stakeholders at milestones including launch and final acceptance.
  • Execute an orderly methodology to oversee changes in project scope and benefits.
  • Develop a full understanding of the task objectives, goals and timing before committing huge resources.
  • Establish a structured approach for clearly defining roles and responsibilities for the delivery of the project and its work packages.


When the course (Project Management Training Course) is complete, you will learn the following skills:

  • Definition of projects (Project Management Course)
  • Skills to manage and keep project teams members motivated.  (Project Management Course)
  • Responsibilities and Roles and of Project Sponsors, Project Managers, Project Members and stakeholders
  • Knowledge of structures involved within a project environment
  • Detailed understanding  of all major phases and processes within project management
  • Knowledge of Project Management terminology: interpret and explain with ease  (Project Management  Course)
  • Knowledge of  problem solving, techniques, solution creation and corrective action application
  • Requirements for effective communication to ensure successful working relationships within the project team

The Project Management Course  is a Two-day Instructor Led classroom based training. It has Strong delegate participation and practical applications  (Project Management Course).


  • Suggestion 1: Detail the project – this is normally undertaken in project plan.
  • Suggestion 2: Nominate Project and Team Requirements – this is key in order to understand who is responsible for overall project and tasks,
  • Suggestion 3: Be the Project Leader – in this way you can plan and control outcome.
  • Suggestion 4: Define Critical Project Milestones – if you dont do this you will not know how far you are progressing with the respective project (a very dangerous zone to be in).
  • Suggestion 5: Keep the Communication Lines Open – know at all points what is going on. Encourage an environment of transparency and open communication.
  • Suggestion 6: Keep and maintain Pertinent Documentation. this is key to justify and support any decisions at a later stage and keep relevant regulatory required documents.
  • Suggestion 7: Manage Project Risks. understand risk, log them and keep project register.
  • Suggestion 8: Avoid Scope Creep. This often leads to project failure.
  • Suggestion 9: Test Deliverables
  • Suggestion 10: Evaluate the Project – this is key to see whether project has achieved its planned outcomes.



Clearly this is an essential business skill. For more information on this course,  click on the following link: Project Management Course or contact Hayley (011 882-8853). Courses are held in Johannesburg

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