Lean Six Sigma Training Johannesburg South Africa

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training Learning Six Sigma and applying its methodologies can improve  your work life.  Just being able to put Six Sigma Training on your CV proves your commitment to enhancing your business knowledge  and analytical skills. It also shows your drive to uplift any company you wish to work for. There are also practical applications i.e. know methods to streamline business processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve employee buy-in, all of which leads to a better return on investment. Six Sigma training also prepares students for a leadership role.  From an organisational level, six sigma training can assist with improved:

  • Customer And Employee  Satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improved return on investments.
  • Better partnerships.


Clearly this is an essential business skill. For more information on this course,  click on the following link: Lean Six Sigma Training or contact Hayley (011 882-8853). Courses can be held in Johannesburg


Tips for six sigma

1. All leaders should be trained as Lean Six Sigma Champions. This is normally a two-day training session that ensures that the Champions learn to ask the right questions of Six Sigma practitioners. This group includes the steering committee, process owners, and functional managers (like the production manager, maintenance manager, etc.). In this regards,  Leadership/top management commitment is crucial to ensure that:

  • Resources are planned for and roadblocks removed.
  • Organizational goals are aligned .
  • A person to lead this effort in the organization is nominated.

3. Select the right consultant to train your Belts.

4. Include Six Sigma planning within the business operating plan. Ensure that when the operating plan for the next year(s) is being made, Six Sigma project savings become an input for that plan.

5. Ensure that the return on training investment is at least 20 times.

6. Get the action going at the shop floor level.

7. Create a certification process for Lean Six Sigma. 

8. Develop a mentoring philosophy in Lean Six Sigma.

9. Financial validation of projects is key for Lean Six Sigma. .

10. Never allow Six Sigma to be classified as a quality manager’s job.





Lean Six Sigma Training is recommended for you if:

  • you need to undertake regularly projects to save costs, maximise revenue or increase productivity;
  • you work in a position where you need to drive change;


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